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Moor Farm Shop, Ruyton Road, Baschurch, Shropshire, SY4 2BA  -  -  01939 262 632

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Outstanding local produce
Call in for a coffee or a meal!


Bread, cakes & deli from our own kitchen and bakery

Home grown and regenerativly farmed beef, pork & eggs

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All of the meat we produce goes into the shop for our in-house butchery team. If you want to try a cut or joint that you have not had before, our butchers are happy to answer any questions and advise how to get the best from it in the kitchen.



Breads, cakes, quiches, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, pasties and much more are all made in our kitchen and bakery. Along side our classics you will find seasonal and specialty fillings and flavors.

Variety is the spice of life!


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Our kitchen uses ingredients produced on the farm and turns them into a mouth-watering menu of breakfasts, meals & snacks for you to indulge in our cafe. In a rush? Fear not, we do takeaways too! Why not grab a Rijo Coffee at the same time.


our food
on the farm


Our pedigree Hereford cattle are entirely grass fed. Our herd, Shraden Herefords was established in 1919. We pride ourselves on cattle health and welfare and are certified to the highest health status. We strip graze which mimics cattle's natural herd behavior and is greatly beneficial to soil health. The result is the best beef for you and the environment!


We have a mix of Gloucestershire Old Spot, Sandy & Black and Large White pigs. Our sows each have an extensive grass pen, occasionally accompanied by one of our two boars!



We have several breeds of chicken, housed in their own expansive field and fed on kitchen scraps. We encourage our birds to behave like natural wild chickens. We challenge you to find richer and more nutritious eggs than ours!


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Find out more about Shraden Herefords here


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Meet the Family
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Moor Farm Shop & Cafe is situated on Moor Farm in Baschurch, where the Timmis family have farmed for over 100 years! Along side the cattle, pigs and chickens, we also have arable land, solar panels and a grain storage and processing facility.

Hazel, Mike, Melissa and Daniel  all have their own areas on the farm but the shop is truly a team effort.


Meet the

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We also planted around 2000 trees to make our very own woodland walk!


Rainwater Harvesting

Cows drink on average 60 litres of water a day placing a huge demand on the local mains water supply. So, to keep our 150 cattle happy and healthy, we have a 90,000 litre subterranean rainwater collection tank feeding the cattle shed and all the field water troughs and pig drinkers.

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Solar Electricity

Our barn roofs are covered in solar panels that put out an impressive 100kW of electricity. Unlike domestic installations that always feed into the grid while consumption is always drawn from it (not directly using what is produced), our panels directly supply our distribution unit and as a result we do not draw from the grid at all on a sunny day. This means we are producing enough to power the farm, shop & kitchens during daylight hours (our largest time of consumption) and still export a little on very sunny days. Not only is the food in our shop delicious and hand made from produce on our farm, but it is cooked using 100% clean energy.

We also have 15 acres of land dedicated to solar panels. This solar array puts out a gigantic 3.75MWh peak power, that’s 3.75 million watts of electric every hour! Needless to say, solar panels don’t work at night so we calculate on the basis that they can only produce full peak power for an average of 6 hours in the day. Nevertheless, according to the latest Ofgem research, that still meets the entire daily requirements for 1,900 homes. A ‘real world’ way of looking at the solar field’s peak capacity is as follows: between 1pm and 2pm on a sunny Saturday afternoon, enough electricity is produced for 7,500 homes!


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Shop Open Times


Friday & Saturday

9am - 5:30pm

Sunday to Thursday


Cafe Open Times

Wednesday to Saturday

9am - 4pm


10am - 4pm

Monday & Tuesday


Moor Farm Shop & Cafe, Ruyton Road, Baschurch, Shropshire, SY4 2BA

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