Moor Farm Shop

If you are local or passing through Shropshire do come and visit us. If you are staying anywhere near Shrewsbury or Oswestry, we are a short drive away. Our shop is light and airy with a meat counter stretching down one wall of the shop - all freshly cut and presented each day. We have food to cater for those that do not like meat. We are biased and our meat is good but that is not all that Moor Farm Shop is about - it is what we started with. Now we are a place to come for a proper food shop. If you have seen something on our website and want to order in advance, please call or email and we can ensure we have this for you. You do not have to be in Shropshire to enjoy our food with our new online shopping - we hope that Moor Farm Shop products will be eaten all over the UK...

The Butchery:

Our new shop has enabled us to employ a full-time butcher, Jack Billingham. This means that you can enjoy meat that is reared and then hung and prepared for you on-site at Moor Farm Shop. We guide customers on the best ways to serve different cuts of meat and supply changing recipe cards. We pop these in your shopping bag or in the box for online delivery. The popular cuts are easy to understand but many of the less well-known parts of the animal make wonderful meals; it is up to us to help our customers to know how to use them.

The Kitchen:

Our Shop Chef, Chris Thomas, has an open brief to create new recipes using home reared, home grown, local and regional ingredients. As long as they are tasty and our customers ask for more, we keep making them! There are some main-stays such as our sausage rolls, pork pies and home baked bread. We produce ready meals, quiches, pies, desserts, children's food and anything that our customers request that we feel we can make a good job of. We are always looking for inspiration. We produce special dishes for different events and if they are popular we then keep these in the range and add them to the online shop. We encourage customer input, such as new recipe ideas during British Sausage Week - prizes are given for the ideas that we try out and then include in our shop selection. The best way to know that we are providing exactly what our customers are looking for is to ask for their help.

Michael Jordan, our Tea Room Chef is always thinking up new ideas for our Tea Room menu and takeaway menu. We like to produce homemade, hearty meals using as much of our own produce as possible. He also provides the shop with his menu choices so that our customers can take a pot of homemade soup, coleslaw or potato salad and make it into a quick and easy meal for themselves or their families.


Having 2 full time chefs and a full time butcher enables us to provide for your catering needs as well as everyday purchases. We can supply large or small cuts of meat ready for you to put straight into the oven, we can provide homemade bread rolls and salads to accompany them. We can make large casseroles, lasagnas, currys, large savoury and sweet pies, crumbles, chocolate or meringue roulades and any other readymade meals and desserts so that you can just reheat, providing you with a stress free and relaxing party where you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your friends.

We also have a hog roast machine which can roast a whole pig or lamb but can also be changed into a roasting oven for joints of meat so you can have a mixture of beef, lamb, pork, chicken and baked potatoes. We can provide this with either bought in or homemade bread rolls, stuffings, salads, sauces and staff to make your party even easier!

Fresh Vegetables:

We grow a selection of our own vegetables including carrots, parsnips, cabbage, broccoli, brussell sprouts and top up with other vegetables from a local supplier.